I fell in love with music when I received my first CD player. It was my birthday. I was at my grandmother’s house when I got it. That was the best gift I have ever received. At that time I did not wanted to hear unpleasant sounds and see events what happened around me. It worked for me, I could switch off from reality and just be with myself.
So I started to learn to play the guitar. I started to practice, after a while I understood that I didn’t want to learn only the basics, so I went from my hometown to Capital to learn more complex things.
By so far I’ve been playing in most of venues in our capital Riga, I’ve been involved in two TV shows ?Latvia's Golden Talent” and Band contest “The Noise”. I've been playing in biggest concert halls in Latvia, about one of them also was story on TV. I’ve also performed in biggest jazz event in Latvia ?Saulkrasti Jazz Festival” where I played with band ?The Room 17”. I have also performed abroad.
This summer I released my debut single it has made up to Radio. We filmed music video for this single as well. Just few month ago I’ve played my debut concert, I was so happy ! The room was crowded and after my set everyone was shouting “REPEAT, REPEAT” I was thrilled. Next week I had a Radio airplay with an interview. Leader from a famous Latvian band ASTR’O’NOUT said “This was a great surprise ! I can say personally quite often we have great musicians here in our studio playing, but rarely I can just forget oneself and just enjoy great music, Thank you for that Edgars!”
Now I have come here from Latvia to pursue my dream here in London. I want that my music to people associates as something beautiful and pleasant. I Want to play tours all over the world, I want to make a revolution in music, I want to become the greatest performer that has ever lived.