The band SKW was formed in 1989 with the monicker "Skywalker". Today SKW are:
Marco Laratro (vocals), Simone Anaclerio (guitars), Mirko Voltan (bass), Giancarlo Piras (drums).

The first demo-tape was realized in 1992. The band started playing live in 1993 and in the same year they released the second demo. The demo had good reviews from the Italian press, radio, magazines and from the Italian fanzines. In 1995 the band played in different important clubs and recorded its third demo-tape, which also had a great approval and a big promotion in radios and rock magazines.

In 1997 the most important Italian metal magazine Metal Hammer wanted Skywaler to join the big Metallica tribute concert which took place at Factory, Milan. During this event Skywalker had the chance of supporting some very important Italian bands. Skywalker was included in some Italian and foreign compilations and in 1998 Skywalker changed their monicker in SKW, recording "Techno-Logical", their final international consecration, a very powerful album. This last work allowed the band to get signed with Adrenaline Records and to be distributed worldwide. In 1999 the band played in Milan with Soulfly, Max Cavalera's band, and with Amorphis. They also played with Metallica's Jason Newsted during a tribute night dedicated to the 4 horsemen in which the band entertained the crowd at the Metallica - day organised for the release of the new Metallica's album "S&M".

In December 2000 was released the new band's album "Connection" made up by 12 original tracks more aggressive, but different from the debut album. In 2002 the band played at Together As One festival supporting The Haunted. After a long, endless tour, in 2004 SKW went to the studio to record their third album, "Alter Ego", mature and powerful, fresh and strong, rich of new influences, thanks to the band's musical and technical evolution. After the recordings of this new work, SKW signed a contract with the Italian label Vacationhouse and the French Deadsun records , obtaining the distribution all over the world. The third album "Alter Ego" was released in January 2005.

In March 2005 was also released the video of the song "Alter Ego", shot by the young and talented director, Laura Stabilini. "Alter Ego Tour" lasted 3 years where the band played a bit everywhere. In 2007 the band did a deal for a new management with Alkemist-Fanatix and started to record a new album, also thanks to the meeting with the producer, Frank Andiver. The mastering of the CD was made by the producer Kim Rosen, at the well-known American studios WWSM in New Jersey. "Numbers" was released in February 2009 on Risingworks label, worldwide distributed by Self/Code7/Plastic Head.

This album is the strong expression of the musical maturity acquired by the band which emphasises the mix between American modern metal and the band's usual energy, completed by a sonorous evolution of aggressiveness and by melodies of strong atmospheres. A new video of the track "1minute2Lie" was filmed in Los Angeles, California by Laura Stabilini, the director,and produced by Gianfilippo Pedrotti (Vasco, Jovanotti), Director of Photography Michael Pescasio (Papa Roach, Simple plan, Soulfly) In 2013 a new single and videoclip was out! The song is called "Numbers", and the clip was filmed by Ilaria DallaCasa and edited by Federico Quistini.

After the new never ended italian and european tour (Numbers tour included gigs in russia and Ukraine), SKW, with producer Frank Andiver, recorded the new album "SIGNS" and got a new deal with Luca Bernardoni for the management of the band.
First single/videoclip "Amnesia" was released in April, 2014 produced by MotelVista production - Ilaria Dalla Casa, and new record "SIGNS" was released in May, 2014 by BAGANA records. Second single "Red Sector A" was released in December 2014, produced by MotelVista production - Ilaria Dalla Casa, filmed during 25 years SKW party. New video "never so close" was released in March 2015. "Signs" was released in Europe & world in october 2015 by Sliptrick Records.