Xika Mei was born in Barcelona and she has been writing, and creating songs since she can remember. When she was a child she used to write tales and poems as a way of conveying something she had inside and needed to take out. Later, she took an old guitar from her father and she started to learn to play it by herself.
She studied a degree in languages at the university, while working very hard in different jobs to be able to pay the degree and the singing lessons she made secretly.
She was always pursued by music who was always reminding her not to give up.

Her family never supported her and she has always felt very alone in her music passion.
She had to study a degree in languages and two post-degrees in marketing while being very young. And she was working as Marketing Responsible for some years in different companies. However, after work, in the evenings, she atended to a school to study performance, theater and singing without her family realising.
One day, and against all opinions, she quit her job and started living her dream.
Since, nobody would support her, she would work very very hard against all odds. She makes shootings, acting and singing and tries to get closer to her dream: living form music. But she really trusts that the Universe will lead her to a nice place.
She has studied: theater, singing and dancing at Memory School Barcelona; cinema performing/acting at SilberStudio School in Barcelona; singing with the known Mariona Castillo, and with the mexican Miguel Manzo, who is her current teacher since 3 years ago.
She writes and composes her own songs as well as composing for others and collaborating in diverse projects.
Her songs at the beginning came from her exboyfriend who treated her very bad, he was like insane. After moving from his apartment she found inspiration in all the grief inside, which helped her to move on in very tough times. She composed with her guitar but one day (like two years ago) she broke a finger and could not play. She had just left her job and house and that was really disappointing. But she bought a cheap piano keyboard and learned to play on her own to be able to go on composing songs.
One of her main few dreams in this life is going to Japan and sing in front of thousand people.

Her artistic name Xika Mei comes from her nickname Mei. Her family started to call her Mei when she was very young and later on all her friends and relatives were calling her Mei.

"I have been through tough times, but it looks like the Universe calls me over and over again and I can not give up.
I am happy if just one single person likes what I do"